Billy Bob's Unusual Bible Knowledge

Part of Billy Bob's humor is his unusual Bible knowledge.  The following is the story of Lot as remembered and told by Billy Bob.  For the actual biblical account please read Genesis 19:1-29.

The Story of Lot and Lottie

This is the story of Lot and Lottie.  Now we don't know a lot about Lot's wife.  In fact, even though she has become a woman of great fame, we don't even know her name.  we could just call them Lot and What - is her name, but that seems insane, so if it's all the same, we'll just call them Lot and Lottie. 

As you may know, Abraham was Lot's uncle.  Now Lot's uncle loved Lot a lot.  When it came time to pick lots of land on which to live - because Lot's uncle love Lot a lot, he let Lot pick the lot of land which he would give.  Lot chose the lot that was lush because of lots of water and that's where Lot and Lottie lived. 

Now it came to pass, that dues to the sins of Lot and Lottie's friends, Sodom and his wife Gommorrah, that it fell Lot and Lottie's lot in life - to leave the lot of land he had chosen for himself and his wife.

God said to Lot and Lottie, "Because of the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah, early tomorrow, you and your wife are to leave your little lot - and don't look back."  Now Lottie loved that little lot of land, a whole lot, and although she left, Lottie longed to go back, so she turned to look back, and it's a well know fact that she turned into a sack - of salt!

  August 2021  
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