Christian Humor

Bro Billy Bob is a multi-talented Christian entertainer with a message in his madness.  He tells tales (of which some are true), jokes, sings, and accompanies himself.  Many of his songs are original compositions or arrangements.  He plays the guitar, harmonica, banjo, mountian dulcimer, and dual knobbed radio.  He has even been known do perform a little slight of hand trick or two, especially if children are in the crowd.  He is a man of many hats (literally) but he does not dance, yodel, or do yoga!   Bro Billy Bob has a unique flare for fashion as you can see from his picture.  A crowd favorite is Billy Bob's "Unusual Bible knowledge," such as the story of Lot and Lottie.  The final section of Bro Billy Bob's performance always has a serious song or two and a few serious thoughts.

Bro Billy Bob is available for church groups, family groups, or civic groups for banquets, fellowships, casual evening services, retreats, conferences, rallies, etc.

Bro Billy Bob's dear friend, Dr. Bill King, is available for the serious stuff.  You can even get both of them to come for the price of one but they refuse to perform on stage at the same time. 

  August 2021  
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