About Billy Bob

What Some Have Said (even to his face)

"Dr. Bill King has created a character that many of us in the South imagine really exists somewhere in one of our churches!  Dr. King uses  a blend of church humor, stories from everyday life, and outlandish costuming in this presentation to tickle your funny bone.  He blends the jokes and storytelling with songs and music to give a wide variety to his program."

"Dr. King also can lend a more serious side to your event as he is a gifted communicator of God's Word, having served as a pastor for over 30 years.  I would encourage you to use my friend, Dr. Bill King, a.k.a. Bro Billy Bob "The Baptist" Bohannon, for your next event."

-- Mike Jackson, Director of Discipleship & Family Ministries, Alabama Baptist Convention

_"He was great; our folks really enjoyed him.  His get-up was pretty interesting"

-- Dr. Larry Felkins, Director of Missions, Chilton Baptist Association, Clanton, AL

"Billy Bob's down home country humor is hilarious, and I highly recommend him for any type of event in your church where you want folks to enjoy a good laugh and enjoy some fun"

-- Wendell Dutton, Director of Missions, Cherokee Baptist Association, Centre, AL

"Billy Bob is one of the funniest acts out there!!  He does comedy with music that all ages can enjoy.  Bill King is truly a "King" among Christian comedians"

-- Danny Freeman, Minister to Students/Assoc Pastor, Gracewood Baptist Church, Southaven, MS 

  August 2021  
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