Billy Bob Bohannon is a multi-talented humorist and musician.  He tells stories & stuff, sings songs, and plays several instruments that includes guitar, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, ukulele, and a rare custom built commode seat guitar.  He will have you laughing hystericlly one minute and then pondering a deeper spiriutual thought the next.  

Billy Bob is the creation of and performed by Dr. Bill King.  Bill is also a writer.  He has written 3 books of Billy Bob stories & stuff, 2 Christian novels (the second to be released in 2017), and 1 illustrated children's book.  He writes a weekly column for several newspapers across Alabama.   He has also been published in Mature Living Magazine several times, with his next column appearing in the May 2018 issue.  .      



Billy Bob's Bible Verse - "A happy heart makes the face cheerful" - Proverbs 15:13               

Translation:  "If you're happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it."                                

The best way to be happy:  Let Jesus live and reign in your life. 

Billy Bob's Motto: If you eat when you're hungry, and if you drink (non-alcohol) when you're dry, if a tree don't fall on you, you'll live till you die.

There was a very cautious man - who never laughed or played - he never risked, he never tried - he never sang or prayed.  And when one day he passed away - his insurance was denied.  For since he never really lived - they claimed he never died! (author unknown)

-Bro Billy Bob

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  • New Book

    This new book (2019) by Bill is filled with short stories, some from his weekly newspaper columns, plus new ones not published elsewhere.  Some are Billy Bob stories and some are just about everyday living.  Most have a touch of humor, and some are simply serious, but most will give you something to think about.  

  • Latest Novel by Bill

    Bill's second Christian novel (sorry, not a Billy Bob book), released May 2017.  This is the fictitious story of a young man's calling into the gospel ministry that took him to places he never imagained, even Out of This World - literally.  It is available through Amazon or directly from Bill.