About Us

Bro Billy Bob is a story-telling, song-singing, humorous ministry of Bill King.  The character was created in 2002, by Bill King, for what he intended to be a one-time appearance at a Valentine banquet, at Gracewood Baptist Church, in Southaven, MS, where Bill served as pastor.  Billy Bob has made more than 1000 appearances since then, across many states in the U.S. 

Bill King is a multi-talented songwriter/musician who plays several instruments including guitar, banjo, harmonica, mandolin, ukulele, and a commode seat guitar.  While Billy Bob's stories and songs are intended to bring a smile to your face, his deeper message is intended to touch your heart.  Bill is an ordained Baptist minister.  Prior to his retirement in local-church ministry, he served for 30-years as a pastor, and most recently retired after 15-years as a Baptist Director of Missions.  He is also a published author of 10 books and writes a syndicated weekly-newspaper column. 

Bill is available to come do humor as Billy Bob, or as himself to preach/speak, or sing.